Facts and figures

  • The historic rooms are illuminated by 986 light bulbs.
  • Since it opened, around 100 million guests have been served in Auerbachs Keller.
  • 8.500 plates stand ready to bring the culinary delicacies to the tables.
  • In the 5 asparagus weeks from May to June the kitchen team peels 1.5 tonnes of the premium vegetable, which is then served as asparagus stalks, soup, salad or in the dish Original Leipziger Allerlei.
  • One service staff member walks up to 20 kilometres per shift.
  • Each year around 90.000 litres of beer and the same amount of wine are served.
  • 36.000 homemade beef roulade and 12.000 portions of Leipziger Quarkkäulchen were soold each year.
  • On the advent weekends we have around 2.000 guests per day.
  • Each year the preparation kitchens cleaned, chopped and prepared 14.000 kilos of red cabbage.
  • The conversion of the preparation kitchens and conversion to energy-saving night cooking cost 125.000 euros .

According to an American study, Auerbachs Keller occupies 5th place in the top ten best-known restaurants worldwide, after:

1. Munich Hofbräuhaus
2. Caesar´s Palace in Las Vegas
3. Café Sacher in Vienna
4. Hard Rock Café, L. A.
5. Auerbachs Keller, Leipzig

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